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Salvatore Dali in Figueres

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Salvatore Dali in Figueres

Guestbook for SPAIN
Marilyn Galusha Farreras(non-registered)
Hi Fred: A friend from Alb. sent me your zenfolio address. Will contact you directly, but had to comment on your Spain album....can tell you were blown away with the Mercat de la Boquerí anyone with a photographers eye should be! Incredible colors & sections: jamón serrano and stuffed meats, the great fish and shellfish section and the colorful produce, not to mentions spices, sweets and the bars. Your shots of the "carvers" are telling...very good.

I have always felt that Dalí was totally overrated, but that is personal. The entire coastal area in Catalunya is gorgeous...lots of history - arquitecture too.

Your New Mexico albums, also the Chaco Canyon & Bandelier made me nostalgic.

The web site below is my husband's...not mine, obviously.
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